Better Care Outcomes Ltd. - Promoting excellent outcomes & value for money in social care

Better Care Outcomes Ltd. provides wide-ranging advice and support to participants in the social care and related healthcare markets, for local authority market shaping planners and commissioners, the NHS, and providers, in relation both to market management and operational effectiveness.    
Knowledge and insights into economic, financial and other innovative service developments in the social care market can be used to support both commissioners and providers, in their different roles. 

For local authority and NHS Commissioners, developments in demand and supply can be interpreted, and the impact of changes in costs and fees on provider financial viability, supply of services and market sustainability assessed, in support of market shaping and management strategies. Social care cost and funding implications can also be assessed.  

For providers, assistance can be provided to respond effectively to developments, opportunities and threats in the marketplace, through better business planning and marketing, supported by sound business case and financial justification for investment in new services and accommodation, or to review the ongoing viability of existing provision. This includes support in relation to both purchase and sale of social care businesses, through due diligence studies.
All aspects of operational effectiveness can be addressed for providers,to help ensure that care businesses can deliver value for money, from excellent service so as to deliver superior outcomes, through ensuring that support is delivered economically, effectively and efficiently, whilst also recognising resource constraints and the need for prioritisation of support needs, so that provision can remain financially viable.  
Support to help deliver better outcomes includes all-round quality improvement planning and implementation, more effective person-centred planning, as well as monitoring and measurement of outcomes delivered and well-being.

For local authority and NHS commissioners,independent support can be provided in the form of objective assessment to help ensure that responses to bids for services from providers represent value for money.      
Our expertise combines practical experience in running care businesses with wide-ranging business management experience and knowledge of best practice, innovation and market developments in the social care sector. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any issues and challenges you are facing with you, so contact us to see how we can help to address them cost-effectively.