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Social care funding
The challenge: Commissioners need to be able to understand how costs of care will increase to ensure provider financial viability, and need to assess implications of fee setting strategies, estimating funding implications and taking account of personal contributions from income;  

With social care funding still likely to be under very significant pressure for years to come, local authorities need to be able to plan ahead, estimate the effect of increasing demand on different services, and balance paying sufficient to cover the true costs of care with looking for further improvements to achieving greater value for money, bearing in mind affordability  

Experience: Case study examples

LB: 1. Conducted an in-depth study for 12 County Councils of the economic and financial implications of changes in demand, costs and fees, as well as the Care Act Part 2, in 2015; financial models were developed to estimate the impact of changes on the total costs of care; wealth and income models were developed to estimate the impact of changes proposed on funding requirements after allowing for changing personal contributions from income; all in relation to care homes for older people.

2. BCO: Assessed the overall current underfunding within adult social care in England, and the effect of the supplementary 2017 Budget funding of £2bn for social care, on the shortfall.

3.LB: Reviewed and re-estimated the NHS costs to needing to be paid to nursing homes in Wales in respect of the funded nursing contributions (FNC), in 2013;