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Quality Improvement
The challenge: CQC standards require greater focus on outcomes, with the onus on providers to prove that their processes ensure that these outcomes are delivered, and collect the evidence to prove it. But sustaining quality improvement and delivering outstanding person-centred outcomes requires much more than mere compliance with regulations, including strong leadership and a supportive culture.
Assistance to improve the all-round quality of support provided for service users, through comprehensive quality improvement planning, implementation and quality assurance/ reporting systems, including  compliance with the new outcome-based standards, supporting self-assessment, process development, and evidence gathering on outcomes achieved.
More specifically assisting in the delivery of better outcomes for individual residents, through more effective person-centred planning, goal setting and establishing quality outcome measures, monitoring, measurement of outcomes delivered and well-being.
This includes assistance in manpower development, culture change, performance management and transformational change management more broadly.
Experience- Case study examples

SCA 1)Assisting under-performing providers of learning disabilities, domiciliary care and older peoples homes with quality improvement initiatives, introduction of more effective quality monitoring approaches and submission of AQAA self assessment forms to CQC, resulting in many providers obtaining improved quality star ratings, plus advice on CQC registration.
2) Facilitating workshops to enable staff to become more person-centred, for older peoples homes, as well as advice on person-centred planning/ reporting.