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Business Planning and Strategy Development
The challenge: Considerable market change means that social care providers face threats to some traditional forms of business, but also opportunities for innovation and development of new services to address the personalisation agenda.  
Advice is provided on market developments in terms of opportunities and threats in the relevant market sector, which can then be linked to consideration of the business/ management strengths, competencies, weaknesses and constraints, in order to make a realistic assessment, with management, of the potential for any particular initiative.
Typically this is through facilitation of business planning workshops with the owners/ management team, and can be followed by assistance in detailed strategy development and validation, as well as implementation planning and overall business plan preparation.
The focus is to work closely with our customers to help realise opportunities for business growth and profit improvement. 
Experience - Case study examples
LB. Conducted review of national market prospects for a leading learning disabilities provider

BCO: Conducted feasibility study for a large charity wishing to consider opening a new care home and/ or extra care housing on a large semi-rural site it already owns 

SCA: Facilitated business planning workshops for older peoples residential and nursing care homes, as well as a domiciliary care business, resulting in confirmation of key priorities and action plans.
BCO: Worked with learning disability providers to look at the potential to deregister from residential care provision, assessing supported living housing options, including consideration of housing benefits and disability benefits available to service users.