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Market sustainability
The challenge: Commissioners are legally responsible under the Care Act for ensuring the sustainability of their social care markets; to do this they need to understand market opportunities and risks, support new investment where it is most needed and continuity of good quality services.   

Given the involvement of local authorities, the NHS, providers and community services, as well as many individuals paying for their own care, the economic operation of social care markets is complex. To fulfil their market shaping and management roles effectively, commissioners need to understand the dynamics of the different markets, and how their actions will effect sustainability of good quality supply for the future. 

Experience - Case study example
LB. 1) The 12 Counties 'Market Sustainability and the Care Act' project addressed market sustainability for the care homes market for older people, by first analysing care home supply, and then developing dynamic market models to predict the impact of changes in demand, increases in costs and fees on the adequacy of future market supply over time, predicting when homes might close and whether and when new homes might open. 

2) Costing study, jointly conducted for a county council and learning disability providers, to assess actual profitability of provision against minimum provider requirements; as a basis for considering ongoing financial viability, and the implications for council fee increase requirements and decisions.