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Market Management Services 
For providers ad commissioners, assistance to respond effectively to developments, opportunities and threats in the marketplace, through better business planning; for commissioners to provide support in market management; for providers, support in marketing, supported by sound business case and financial justification for investment in new services and accommodation, or to review the ongoing viability of existing provision. 

 Challenges for commissioners

Commissioners need to be able to understand how costs of care will increase to ensure provider financial viability, and need to assess implications of fee setting strategies, estimating funding implications, and taking account of personal  contributions from income 
Commissioners are legally responsible under the Care Act for ensuring the sustainability of their  local social care markets;to do this they need to understand market opportunities and risks, and support new investment where it is most needed  and continuity of good quality care services.

Challenges for providers
Considerable market change means that social care providers face threats to some traditional forms of business, but also opportunities for innovation and development of new services to address the personalisation agenda.  
In an environment where financial returns are being increasingly squeezed by funding and budget constraints, new ventures require rigorous investment appraisal and risk evaluation, while the ongoing financial feasibility of existing services need to be kept under review for continuing viability. This includes due diligence support in the purchase or sale of businesses
Marketing and Customer Management
Historically many providers have not needed to be highly competent marketers as business has rolled in, but now they need to be more proactive, with excellent websites, and to be able to target and communicate with their prospective customers, who will increasingly purchase services individually, many through individual, personal budgets.