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Costing and Pricing
The challenge: With greater financial pressures, providers need to be much smarter about understanding their costs and how they vary with different (and probably lower) levels of service affordable, numbers of service users and varying staffing models. They need to be able to price services more competitively, having assessed the impact on their profitability.     
Developing financial models to help providers to better understand their costs, cost behaviour and implications for pricing and profitability of services, in relation to new ventures, new and existing service users and operational cost-effectiveness. 
Experience - Case study examples 
BCO: 1. Assisting nursing homes to bid for new 3 year fixed price continuing care contracts with the NHS, including cost projections and advice on pricing, responding to wide-ranging quality requirements and support in bid submission.  

2. Assisting homecare provider in bid to become a strategic partner to the local authority, in the costing and future pricing of its services 
3. Development of staffing optimisation models based on specific service user need levels and appropriate mix of staff experience, identifying variances and over-spend against target staffing, for a group of learning disabilities homes.
4.Financial modelling for providers of learning disability residential services wishing to deregister, to provide supported living services, costing/ pricing for new supported living providers and individual service user profitability analysis modelling for a group of learning disability homes.
5. Use of and advice on development in relation to government models for costing of service provision, particularly in relation to learning disabilities services, covering the care funding calculator and previous south east region cost model.